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How often do you change your spikes?

How often do you change your spikes?

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    title goes without saying. lol


    Hey, welcome to FJ community, nagz.

    When I used to have three shoes in rotation, I often changed them around 8-10 months.  The spikes would still be good and usable, but I didn't wait till I needed to change.

    Enjoy your stay . . . good luck on the new spikes.


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    I change mine when they need it.  I'm not trying to be curt but as shoe my collection grows, so goes my rotation so much less wear and tear.  I'm also careful to minimize walking on concrete or dragging my feet.  My shoes go on in the truck and come off immediately after the round and into my bag.  I have a 9.5 tour bag so I have plenty of room.  The champ stingers that are in most of my shoes actually have a wear indicator built in but like my toothbrush, I decide when it's time.

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    Change mine at the beginning of every season.  I ride a lot so they don't wear as fast and like Smithjss I have a few pairs of shoes in my rotation.  I always keep an extra set of spikes in my shoe bag just in case they need it early.



    Welcome to FJ and our community.

    Smithjss has a very important post for a couple reasons. First, you should monitor how your spikes wear because the style you use may impact changing time. Black Widows for example, wear faster than a Champs spike. His reply is also a reminder to not walk on concrete/asphalt because it wears the plastic faster as well.

    The other subtle point is how many shoes you have in rotation. My collection is nearing 30 pairs of FJ, so I don't need to change my spikes but every couple years, if that. Hokies has over 60 pairs, so you can do that math! It's important to rotate shoes, so this will save the shoe and reduce spike wear.

    Hope this helps.

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    I have six pairs in rotation (enough to go with just about any conservatively colored outfit). I also monitor wear, and change them when necessary. I walk most of the time and depending on use, maybe once a year.

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    i change them every year, but i have 5 different pairs that i rotate through out the year. if i only had a pair or 2 i would do it a couple times a year



    It depends because have some pairs in rotation. Now will be even more dificcult to say it with spikeless shoes in game.

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    I have one pair and play everyday so I change my spikes every two months and change my shoes about every three, as soon as I feel any wear I change them, no reason not too!


    Yep it will definitely depend.  If I lose a spike I'll change em all, if I play a ton of golf in a given year I'll change em once a year.

    Only once ever have I taken a look and noticed that I waited too long to change them!  It's easy to do and easy to keep an eye on.  It really comes down to personal preference.  You can generally feel when it has to happen.


    I have of favourite pair of white and favourite pair of black Icons that I wear pretty regularly and I change the spikes on these each year but my other pairs less so as I have quite a few in rotation now (as do many of the others).

    Some people seem pretty heavy on spikes while others less so, so just change when you think you need to.

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    Probably twice per year for the pair that I wear most frequently.  


    Welcome to the community nagz, tbaygolf, & bcp......

    Change my spikes on an as need basis.  Salvage the ones still in good condition after a complete switch out for intermittent repairs.


    I agree...I change them as needed but usually that is about twice a year...I do spot repairs on my spikes though, especially the four rear spikes which tend to wear our faster.  


    As needed. I check my shoes after the round. Keep a wrench and extra spikes in my car. I am in the process of changing to Champ Stingers.