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Shoe Testing at Foot Joy

Shoe Testing at Foot Joy


    I spent about an hour yesterday in Brockton, MA with Joe Izzo of the Foot Joy staff who was running a test as part of Foot Joy's ongoing research into the dynamics of what makes their golf shoes great.

    I climbed into my car and drove the hour and fifteen minutes from my home on Cape Cod to the factory   in Brockton, Massachusetts. Brockton is an old industrial hub, the site of many once proud companies involved in a range of businesses. Foot Joy was one of several shoe  manufacturers that called Brockton home. Located south and west of Boston, I remember Brockton as the home town of one of the great boxers of all time, Rocky Marciano and Marvelous Marvin Hagler. It is also the home town of my first grade crush...Ah, those sweet memories...!!

    In any case, I arrived at the Foot Joy site, the old factory where Foot Joy Classics were produced until a few years ago.It is a a gritty part of town, not untypical of where you would find a factory. After signing in, I met my host for the next hour or so, Joe Izzo, Joe is a golf fanatic, a one handicap in his mid twenties who, as he said, "Knew from the time I was seven years old", that he wanted to work in the golf industry and for Foot Joy. He worked as an intern for a year and impressed the staff with his enthusiasm and hard work. The company and Joe haven't looked back since...

    Joe took me through a maze of hallways and up the stairs to a room set up fro shoe testing. We walked through Foot Joy history, this old and proud factory that produced some of the best golf shoes ever made.

    Opening the door, I entered a room with a wall lined with boxes of golf shoes and an indoor driving range - Think of a simulator and elevate the technology a few notches.

    Now, while I thought this "test" was to evaluate Foot Joy shoes for my own benefit, the reality was a bit different. I joined others who had volunteered to help Foot Joy evaluate shoes under hitting conditions. I had brought my 5,7, and nine irons and Joe explained that the research department wanted to compare how testers hit golf balls while wearing different models of shoes - Today was FY Sport versus M Projects. Joe fitted me into each shoe style and I hit several shots with each club in each pair of shoes. He applied contact tape to the bottom of each iron for each shot  so that club sole contact point with each shoe style could be evaluated. There will be other tests hitting other clubs and comparing how well or poorly testers hit the ball in other shoes.

    For me, there was little to no difference in my sole contact points wearing M Projects or Sport shoes. Personally, I like the structure and support of the Sport shoe and still prefer my ICONS over either of these two styles. But this was the first time I had tried on either of these models and given how short a period of time I was in them, I would not rule out either shoe for future purchase.

    All in all, I had a wonderful experience at the FJ site and cannot wait for the next request to test from Joe. he is a great guy, as enthusiastic and passionate about the game as one could hope for. Foot Joy certainly has a keeper in Joe!

    Next time, I'll bring a camera and document the process and site for all FJC members to view..


    had the privilege of visiting the shoe box during the FJA outing.  awesome experience and i hope to go back some day for a more in depth testing.  sounds like you had a great day and reading about it brought back a lot of great memories from last fall.  thanks!


    Thank you for this detailed and extensive report on the experience. It surely is a once in a lifetime experience.

    As an FYI, don't bring that camera. Especially if you like it, because it will be confiscated! Very much a top secret thing you did Pistol.


    The testing process is certainly a privlidge.  Joe is on his game at all times.  He know the products in and out and fully expains the testing for each of the shoes worn.


    Sorry to be a bit of a buzz ***, but you can't bring your camera or photograph any of the things you are doing. That was part of the document you signed when you got there.....

    It is definately a lot of fun. I have spent many an hour in "The Box" testing with Joe.


    Awesome report :)  Thanks for giving us a bit of insight into the FJ world!

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    Sounds like a great experience!  For any FJ staff that may read this I live only about 15 minutes from Brockton so any time you may need my services! Haha


    It was fun to try out some shoes and hit some balls.  Very cool and I'm still using the awesome plastic tees they gave us!  The guys/gals @ Brockton facility are all class.

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    I have been doing testing at FJ with Joe for about a couple of years. It is amazing the detail they go through to make great products.


    Sounds like a great time. Thanks for helping make the shoes even better :)

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    Pete thanks for the kind words and glad you enjoyed yourself. Redhusky please private message me your contact information. I am out of the office tomorrow for testing of site, but I will contact you Friday.  Maybe you will have some time next week to come in.


    Of course I signed the waiver without looking at the thing..Thanks for the heads up re: photographic equipment. Camera will stay in the car but I may sneak in a shot or two OUTSIDE the building so the community might get a look at the building where it all happens. I had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed the experience  - Wouldn't you love to have the shoe box range set up in your basement??! Lot of computers spew a ton of data I am sure...For me, I found that stability rules and I need to get a proper club fitting - Hitting my 9 iron consistently out towards the toe! Might be as simple as lie alignment - Then again, it might not be...

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    Thanks for sharing your experience sounds like an awesome time.. Maybe someday I will be lucky enough to witness the show box.. According to google its only 1959 miles away from my door step.. Hahaha

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    Great report...thanks for sharing, sounds like a fun day!


    The Shoe Box is crazy cool, and Joe is always on his game. Hopefully I'll get to go back to do some more tests this year