Pro Shop Shoe Sales

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    Has anyone noticed now few shoes are sold in ProShops? I ask a local Head Pro why his shop did not have many shoes left for sale, and his reply was because of the hassel with warrent issues. He said the profit margin was not that great, and then adding the problems dealing with returned shoes was just more effort than it was worth. To much of a resource drain on his staff. This Head Pro is an up todate Pro, and realizes the importance of customer service. His focus is on Player Experience over sales of equipment or clothing. I think a better answer would be to have full time staff working product sales.

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    A shop has to keep significant inventory to carry shoes.

    In addition to FootJoy, my club sells some high end dress shoes.  Their solution to the inventory issue is to have just one shoe in any given size.  The may have ten different styles or models but use them for trying on; after a customer decides on a style and size they order a new pair and drop ship.



    Good way to save space and sell shoes, WW.  (Welcome to FJC)

    The two club pro shop I know of sells only a few styles and they are of FJ.  No Icons or anything high end.

    But I like the idea of having all the styles (FJ preferably) and sizes to try on.


    We have no issue with show sales. We stock a minimum of styles in the memberships sizes. All others are ordered as needed, delivery for us is normally 1-2 days.

    We do net see any issues with customer problems, it is very rare that we need to return a pair of shoes to FJ.


    when i had a golf store we had to have a huge shoe inventory.  no one wanted to order back them (pre-internet stores) and if you didn't have their size in the style they wanted, they almost always walked.  add to that, we use to get a lot of shoes back that "leaked" under warranty.  and at the time, we had to pay to ship them back to the company.  i don't remember if we got a lot of FJs or not, but in general the companies made us give the customer a new pair from our stock and then they would back fill us.  that was a huge pain to us, so i can understand a pro shop not wanting to deal with that.  however, i would guess things have changed over the years to lessen those issues.


    Most pro shops have a minimum amount of space for any one type of item and how many brands can they carry.  My pro shop carries FJ, Addidas, and Ecco shoes.  I usually order from the catalog and I will find them in my locker in about 10 days.  No problem.