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shoe sizing advice


    a friend of mine is looking for new shoes.  of course i keep pushing him towards FJ.  but he says he has wide toes and he has never found a pair of FJ's that fit him correctly.  i don't have this issue, so does anyone else have this issue?  if so, what shoes did you go with?


    DJT or Contour tend to have a roomier toe box.  I'm sure if he gets the wide he will be fine!

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    My paws are wide at the toes as well, and have had a hard time with shoes being snug.

    I wear DryJoys Tour, Wide, and they fit great.

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    FJ offers more sizes than any other brand on the market. He may want to go to a dealer and check his size/fit. Once he finds the right last, he can keep with it.


    i'll tell him to go try those on.  thanks guys!


    i've got wide feet and fit perfectly in the sports and xps-1's...the dry joys have a wide toe box as well...

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    I agree with Devin, the last the contours are built on tend to be roomier in the toe box.........