Special makeup Ryder cup icons pic


    Webb sporting the special makeup icons at the Ryder cup 


    Look like standard white/black saddle to me or am I missing a Ryder Cup logo or something?

    Hold on ... just checked the FJ site to discover that this shoe is no longer included as stock Icon (I shriek in horror ... one of the most iconic FJs no longer available as stock) so lucky I already have a pair ..,. whew!


    By the way absolutely love the red pants and if the rumours are true that the US team will be wearing these on Sunday can only say ... awesome!


    Funny that each member is not obligated to wear the "team" shoe due to contractual obligations with other manufacturers.

    I have seen our FJ Brand Ambassadors sporting the FJ all week - Awesome!

    -ICONs for ALL

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    I don't find that nearly as weird as the fact that there wasn't a team belt - they were all wearing something different.