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    Last week, I was visiting a course and they had SYNR-G shoes in my size for a what I thought was a great price ($99, Retail $179). The course assistant (Pro? Ass't?) said 'these are my favorites'. All FootJoys were marked to $99, by the way.

    I went to Golf Galaxy at lunch to see about purchasing replacement spikes. I didn't see any spikes that matched and, in fact, Golf Galaxy didn't even have the shoes.

    Perplexed, I decided to visit No SYNR-G shoes (introduced 2009 per History).

    Have the SYNR-G shoes been discontinued? Will I have to throw them away when the spikes wear out because there are no repalcement spikes?

    Thanks in advance.


    I have seen the SynRGy and think they use the standard FJ fast-Twist spikes. You'll be fine.


    Welcome to the Forum, KGlenn.  If you check closely, you'll find that the SYNR-G shoe uses any FJ spike.  It's just that with all the different models, FJ has used different model spikes on several of the shoes.  For example:  DJTours come with SofSpike Cyclone spikes, while Icons come with Champ Stinger spikes.  You may use either one, as well as standard fast twist spike, like the Black Widow, with any of the current FJ shoes.

    By the way, the SYNR-G has been replaced by the XPS-1.



    pulplvr was spot on in his assessment.  The SYNR-G has been discontinued and replaced by XPS-1, both were designed for optimum comfort and extreme stability.  The XPS-1 took the stability to a whole new level with a redesigned outsole.

    He was also correct in the fact that they do use spikes with the fast twist connection.  Both Champs and Softspikes make cleats with this type of connection, so it is up to you which you would like to use and options are never a bad thing!




    Welcome KGC. You are amongst the experts for knowledge and advise on FJ