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When did Ernie Els start wearing FootJoy Icons?

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    I just received a FootJoy e-mail announcing all 4 Major winners wore FootJoy in their wins.  I did a quick check of the FootJoy players and did not see Ernie Els listed, then I checked the video of "Stroke #273" at the Open Championship and plainly saw the FJ Logo on his Icons.  When did he change from the 3-stripes brand?


    don't know but a website of  his said he was wear callaway shoes and it show his equipment. I snaged this picture with his putter and what shoes popup ? icon's


    If memory serves me correctly, the Big Easy has worn FootJoy for many years. However, because of his alliance with Callaway, it cannot be claimed that he is wearing a competitors shoes.


    If memory serves he was a FJ man pretty much from the start of his career.

    He moved to Adidas for while when they started their move into golf but was involved in the big swap of Sergio Titleist to Adidas / Him Adidas to Titleist and since then has moved onto Callaway.

    Pretty sure he continued to wear FJ after that equipment change.



    Very interesting. I didn't know any of that about Els.


    Ernie simply loves the white/black saddle and wears them probably 7 out of 10 rounds. Wearing them in Randys post above and in the big Callaway promo for Razor X irons and wore them at least two dats in the PGA.

    Keep an eye out!



    Ernie with a stealth like move to FJ.  Must have really liked the feel...


    he's been away from the 3 stripes for some time now...i really thought he was in Callaway across the board from ball / clubs and shoes...something obviously has changed...

    Maybe Devin can enlighten us

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    He wore FJ in the 90s, including for his win at Congressional in 1997.



    i'm not sure he ever switched to Callaway shoes.  i would guess he doesn't have an "exclusive" contract with Callaway enabling him to wear FJ shoes.