Do You Prefer "Traditional" Or "Wild" Designs For Your Golf Shoes?


    I simply love the look of classic white and classic black shoes.

    For as long as I can remember I have had a black shoe, white shoe rotation policy in place which allowed me to wear any outfit combination.

    I wear a lot of different coloured clothing combos though and if I had unlimited funds I would indeed have an individual MYJOY for each outfit but alas this is unfortunately no so.

    There are so many wonderful combinations now available and I have looked on in admiration, appreaciation and envy at some of the shoes of the members of the FJC.

    My goal going forward is to purchase one of each new Icon model released but afraid I might end up with more than I could ever wear.



    I am traditional in my shoe choices and colors.  shorts, pants and shirts add my color.  


    I like both, and have both. From all black saddles or white with black or brown saddles, to snake skin asymmetrical styles or purple and lilac lizard shield tips and everything in between. Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't.

    I don't like to look exactly like everybody else, so shoes can make the difference. I can wear an all gray outfit with silver and pearl lizard Icons or an all black outfit with black and charcoal lizard Icons and not have to see anybody else wearing the same thing.



    I agree with Tim.  I like all of the FJ styles, but I keep the color combinations fairly simple and traditional.


    An all black or brown shoe is easy to polish as well! LOL