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The Newest MyJoys Icon - True Hokie Style


    Yup, my idol Bobby Swain.

    My proudest moment is that I was able to get Hokies to add some Carolina Blue spikes to his Carolina Blue saddles!

    Sweet Hokie!
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    Another SW Virginia pro shop has contours on display in VT colors.  Smart move, and they've placed several orders as well.


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    Great Looking shoes Orange spikes would put them over the top that's just what they need, post another pic when you get them in there!


    Bobby...they really are beauties...did you ever get the orange spikes put in?


    Haven't put the orange spikes in yet (although I have supplied 3 friends with orange spikes for their matching shoes).

    I may put these on for a Hokie event in May (need to sell 3 more pair then the pro will owe me a pair of shoes).

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    Looks pretty sharp to me even though saddles aren't my favorite style.