New Ladies FJs



    Hey Don -

    Wrote a reply over the weekend and received a email it was posted but don't see it on the thread.... So let's see if I can duplicate the contents -

    Your efforts were not in vain! The count down was great and fun no matter the product outcome....Will get the MyJoys I want somehow. Had expressed my disappointment prior to this post. Devin has been hearing and fielding ! 




    As much as I love FJ Golf Shoes -this new collection is very disappointing. What were you thinking FootJoy?  The textured multi color insert cheapens the appearance of the half way decent asym with the colored piping....The graffiti pattern is child like, floral cut out is old maid-ish....Spikeless Mesh in Navy & Lime are least offensive of the group from my perspective....Would love to see a comparison of projected sales to actual sales of this new unveiling. Sorry FJ need to be honest. Next time consult your community ! ?

    Wow! Snap. And I spent three months counting down to that disappointment.

    No worries, Alex. It sounds like a lot of people were not that happy. Hopefully something better will come out of this.


    GC, I showed the new designs to my wife and her sentiments echoed yours.  She said that under no circumstances am I to order her any of the current stock offerings, that she'd look for some prior models on closeout.   She said she may consider a pair of MyJoys, but she was VERY disappointed in the new offerings.  She basically said that she understands offering these more "modern, stylistic" designs so to speak, but doesn't understand why there aren't more traditional offerings as well in the new line.  Hopefully FJ will fix this and soon because she is in the market for some new shoes.



    I am so sorry to say -- i don't like 'em. It is probably just my traditional taste and style -- I am sure there are women out there who will disagree with me and love them.

    There is a new LoPro Fashion Saddle (97005 shown) with an asymmetrical saddle that would be absolutely excellent if we could choose the color of the saddle/make it a MyJoy, but instead there is a multi-color dot pattern insert.

    There is also a Floral Cut Out 97060 in white or black that's just OK. Some women may like it, it is not my cup of tea.

    The worst offender, in my book, is the LoPro Graffiti 97054 -- a graffiti-inspired pattern over most of the upper.

    Summer Series includes a good-looking checkerboard BOA saddle (98842) in solid white, and a regular lace checkerboard saddle in white/taupe and white/black, along with a spikeless mesh (98975 in navy/lime shown) shoe that looks comfy, but loses me with too much contrast stitching.

    What do you think?


    Chris, your specific areas of feedback are so important to us - please keep it coming, and we look forward to sharing more with you in the near future.


    I am just really glad that I got all of the colors in the shield tips from last year.

    I saw these shoes at our club when they brought some out to show the new styles and ask the ladies what they thought. I don't think anyone liked them. 

    oh well....

    saw on the My Joys that there was a picture of a LoPro with a shield tip option for women. guess I will wait to see if that comes out.

    I prefer shoes that would not look too out of place during the Golden Age