How many pairs of FJ do you own?


    Terrific collection, Payup.  Too bad more of them don't have shoe trees.  I think they'd all look better and last longer.


    Imelda has nothing on you Payup!!  What a collection! And it looks like all these babies have seen ACTION! FJ should be pleased...

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    I have 5 pair of FJ's. My wife asks "why do you need so many" I just look at her with that "I know you didn't just ask me that question look on my face" to funny.

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    new to the community. I have seven pairs currently. 2 ICON, 2 Contours, and 3 DryJoys! Worn F-J my whole golfing life!


    Welcome aboard, Brotherpj.  Hope you find the interaction and discussions worth your time and effort.  This is a really good group of folks who share all sorts of information.  Enjoy!


    Yeah, that's about the only thing I don't get grief over (well, reduced level anyway) because I just have to go to her closet and say ... PLEASE!


    Welcome to the Community Schultzy and Brotherpj. It's a good place to hang out.

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    bring back FJ classics


    bring back FJ classics

    Not going to happen.  Besides, there is so much more technology in the Icon (lighter, more stable, more comfortable) AND you can customize them.  Classics were a great shoe, but in my (and many on this forum) opinion the Icons are superior.  


    Added 3 more pairs of ICONs since original post!


    Tim! Welcome back brother.... Nice to hear you're still adding to your "collection." Have you seen the sweet Pink on Pink Asyms I added this year? I know you would be jealous!



      Thanks for the Welcome back! Last year has tested all of my being and hoping that 2013 is a little better. So far,  not so well. We are not seeing much improvement with my wife's condition.

    On a few positive notes,  I did see your new kicks and they are sweet!

    Also I see that our Bobby has added another pair (Burgandy Stingray) that had a jaw dropping reaction.

    You two guys are always cutting edge on fashion and setups.

    Take care of yourself my friend!


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    I currently have 7 pairs (if you count the slides) 4 pairs of Icons white/white shield tip, white/black shield tip, white/silver wave, white/copper wave, and two pairs of the Synr-G white/white and white/brown. I can't wait to add my first pair of my joys hopefully coming this season.

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    15 pair of classics/classics dry premier's.  I'd post a pic if I could figure it out...

    Figured it out!


    I see that you just recently joined and welcome to the community.  Take a few minutes and complete your profile and join in the fun of a bunch of fellow FJ nuts.  If you want to show your shoes take a picture and put it on your desktop.  When you go to reply click on the bottom and use rich formatting and it will allow you to download the pictures to your response by hitting insert video, then follow the instructions.  I am sure there are alot of collectors who would love to see your classics.  Again, welcome to the FJC.  Chuck