How many pairs of FJ do you own?

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    I'm probably at the low end with 2 but I'm sure there are many on here with a lot.

    4 pairs

    1 pair Myjoys Dryjoys tech Cleveland browns

    3 pairs Dryjoys Tours

    Not nearly enough!
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    I have  four pair for specific purposes. One beat up pair(waterproof of course) if the course is likely to be muddy,one pair that is one size larger than normal for real hot days and two pairs for the "normal" days.

    I have a mere 11 pairs. Plotting a couple more now.
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    I will join Jwill203 in the two pair camp.

    My 5 will pale when Hokie pops his number out there.

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    I have four pair of FootJoys.

    White/Brown Saddle, White/Tan Saddle, All Black and White with Silver/Grey Saddle.

    Pretty conservative selection, but you guys have me thinking about some of those cool combinations. Please keep the MyJoy pictures coming.


    13 lucky pairs of FootJoys, plus two more for range work only.


    Nine total for me...5 Icons, 2 Dryjoys Tours, 1 DryJoys, and 1 Contour Series.  I have another pair of Icons on the way to bring me to 10 total.


    Ah, eight.  Three older pairs of Dry Joys; two DryJoys Tour (one MyJoys); one FJ Sport; one Icon; and one MyJoys Icons shield tips. Need another couple of pairs to round it all out.


    Tar Heel
    I have a mere 11 pairs. Plotting a couple more now.

    I have 12 but Randy's are more stylish


    Eight. Three MyJoys, three LoPros, two eComforts. Equals about 5 percent of Hokies' collection.


    I guess I'm going to have to count:

    I do know I currently have  26 Pairs of Classics and 4 Pairs of Spikeless ICON - MyJoys.  There are also 2 pairs of the FJ Street Tennis Shoe (gray  and white)  not spikes.  2 Pair of Slides.

    MIght take a little while to get a final number.

    Golfchick -  8 is probably close to 10% of the collection (if the truth be known).


    Can proudly say I have worn FJs all my adult golfing life. (Wear whatever you get given or can find as a kid right?) and wish I had pics of them now.  

    At present have 3 icons all pretty conservative black/black saddle, white/black saddle and newly acquired white/white wave (picture coming). Also have icon myjoy black/black patent shield tips.

    Have my eye very closely on a couple of pair of these little beauties but want black/black which are currently only available in Europe and white/white which hopefully will be available through MYJOYs soon.

    FJ ICON™