What's being ordered right now on MyJoys?



    Hey Devin,

    Any sort of stats on how many MYJOYS order per month/year whatever.



    This would be cool to know ? What Style;'s are sold the most, etc ?

    Of course there are statIstics for this sort of thing. But for competitive purposes we are not going to see those. I'm sure can understand. As for the most popular style? In Icons it is the Shield Tip. Heard that last year.
    Was just living in hope TH / Devin. Some companies are only too happy provide revenue info. Would really interested to know proportions of US v reminder of the world. Standard FJ v MYJOYS that sort of thing. OZ-Crocman
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    I have been looking at this and it's obvious though times are tough, us golfers will find a way to stay sharp and looking good.


    Welcome, Farleyt!  . . . Isn't that the truth, though!

    enjoy your stay.