How many pairs of FJ Augusta Edition did you see this week????


    In viewing the Masters this week, it occured to me to see how many of the players were wearing FJ Augusta Edition....

    I saw only two - Dufner and Hanson.


    How many did you see?


    -ICONs for ALL



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    Wish I could say I did, I got stuck working a lot this week, for what I did catch of it from the video iPhone app I was watching the shots more than the shoes.
    I only saw Jason Dunfer. I picked him as well as the leader for FJ on Friday so I am keeping my fingers crossed that I won. Can't wait to find out!!!

    It looked like Bo Van Pelt was wearing some as well.

    Duffer was the only one I spotted. What I mostly saw we're the ghastly shoes worn by Poulter, Mickelson, and Woods. It was like a car wreck, where you look briefly and then quickly turn away so you don't ac tally see the gore.......
    I saw 2 as well