The Best Fit?

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    I currently have 3 pair of ICONS and a pair of Synr-G's they are both very comfortable shoes.  As someone stated in an earlier post it pretty much comes down to how much you are willing to spend.  Good Luck

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    Well, after all the great recommendations, I decided it on the FJ Sport with BOA lacing system.  I got the Black/Crimson, and the White/Gray.

    They are very comfortable and the lacing system is awesome.

    Thanks for all the recommendations!




    i don't have arthritis, but i do have knee issues.  i wear the Icons and i have no issues.  they were comfortable right out of the box.


    Just out of curiousity, does the arthitis cause your knee to be unstable during your transition and foloow-through? Do you wear spikeless to allow your foot (and knee) to take less of the stress?

    (I am offering advice, not as a trained or license physician).

    1. Consider having an FJ professional fit you for your shoe selection
    2. Consider having a PGA professional help you make corrections in your swing to find ways to alleviate/limit the knee stresses
    3. See your ortho about knee brace for stablization


    -ICONs for ALL

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    The sport probably sound like the best option.