Compare: SYNR-G, ReelFit, GF:II, GelFusion, DryIce

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    Over the last 6-8 years, there has been a rapid evolution of the FJ performance golf shoe.  The DryIce, a cousin of the old DryJoys GTX, morphed into the ever-popular GelFusion and GF:II shoes, and then onto the laceless ReelFit technology and, now, SYNR-G.

    How many of these have you owned/worn, and what features do you like the best in each of them?  Of the ones you have experienced, which do you prefer?

    I'll start.  I have worn everything on the above list except for the original DryIce.  I loved the GelFusion, until the GF:II came out.  The GF:II outsole was an incredible breakthrough in technology with the wishbone suspension and independent movement in the front & back of the outsole.  It allowed me to make extremely aggressive passes and anchored me in the ground without restricting mobility in my swing, better than any show I have ever worn.  Even the ReelFit and SYNR-G didn't quite get this down as well as the GF:II did.  I love the new SYNR-G's for their sweet leather upper detail and the memory foam inserts (which is better than the old gel used in previous editions).  The ReelFit's last never quite fit my foot right, which was disappointing because I hate tying my shoes and liked the feeling of the way it secured my foot downward and back into the shoe.

    Question to FJ management:  might the product development team re-introduce wishbone suspension technology in a future shoe, perhaps a 2nd generation SYNR-G?  I think that would be a gold standard of performance shoe.


    I've owned a bunch of FJ's in my day and the two that stand out most for me would be the GF : II and SYNR-G.  The GF II is a solid, i mean solid shoe.  I've been gaming the same pair for more than two seasons and it was hard for me to move them down in the rotation but the SYNR-Gs jumped into the first spot. 

    What I like about the GF II's is they had a great fit, stable base and really comfortable.  The style was good, not great, but not bad at all.  I would say the SYNR-G has just taken every positive I've had with the GF II up a couple of notches. Better fit for me, more stable, more comfortable and killer style.

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    I have owned drjoys , dryjoys gtx,  new dryjoy (sport) , new ReelFit, and contour series.

    In my opinion the Reel Fit shoe was the best constructed shoe, while the most comfortable was the New DryJoy (sport) . My only problem was with the Dry Joys the upper seemed so soft that my foot rolled off the side of the sole alot. ( if you can envison that). The contour is a good shoe bot not bulit lie the higher end shoes (obiously) I am anxious to try out the new Icon with the Reel Fit system in them. I have NEVER owned any other shoe except a Foot Joy.

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    My favorite was the GF.  I have a very narrow heel, almost too narrow for even the laser last.  The GF was the first shoe that fit aroung my heel with no slipping. 


    I had a pair of the GF and the Reelfit.  I was in love with the Gel Fusion shoes.  They were very comfortable and they held up for quite a while.  Unfortunately, I was not a fan of the Reelfit.  Not because of the quality, but they just didn't fit right.  I had to crank the dial all the way to get them to fit.  I know that is against what FJ recommends, but I had to to get them to tighten up.  I probably should have gone with a little smaller size, but I used some shop credit to get them so it wasn't the end of the world.  I will just stick with my Classics and the Icons I guess.  If it ain't broke don't fix it.