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Fila Skele-Toes?


    FILA Skele-Toes Men's Running Shoes, Black/Castlerock/Turkish Sea


    Now that Fila is the ownership entity of Acushnet Golf and the FJ Brand, I did a bit of snooping on some of their products. One of the most interesting items in the USA is the Skele-Toes shoe, which features 4 toes. They are sort of a outdoors enthusiasts shoe for running and beach and such.

    I will say it's highly innovative and I see some good material management as well. And of course I'm very hopeful we don't see these with Champs spikes as part of the 2012 FJ line up......

    This is a knock off of the original. Vibram Five Fingers Re the original and best in this category.

    Yes, a girl that was checking me out (at the register, haha) at REI was wearing a pair of the originals that fairway2heaven was talking about. She said that they are actually very comfortable, and that she even does activities like running in them.


    Haha, that'd be a really interesting golf shoe!! :p


    I do not think we will be seeing those anytime soon in our catalog!


    Glad to hear that Devo...

    But somehow when I saw these I had a vision that a guy like you would fancy them!


    I would feel like a ninja turtle wearing those!!!!


    Im forget who, but a guy on the european tour was wearing the Vibrams on the course


    Gee what will they think of next perhaps a glove with 4 fingers?

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    i do remember seeing someone on tour wearing these as well