Hokie's Newest Pair of FJA Logoed Shoes - Guess who might like to have this pair


    Nice, was that taken on a course.


    TH --

    No luck in our accessories closet for anything other than white, black and brown wax laces.  I agree with you, braided laces aren't really the same.


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    I bet dyeing them wouldn't work on waxed laces.  The wax might prevent the dye from soaking in.  Might have to remove the wax, then dye them and re-wax.  How in the world is this done?  I have no idea.




    Tar Heel


    One question for you, as a shoe efficianado. I am thinking I want to have some matching light blue laces in these shoes, and not the white ones. Every time I look at the shoes I feel like the lace should be colored to match the saddle, and not be white.

    What do you think?

    TarHeel, If you can't find the blue color you want, try going to the shoemaker. many times they can dye a white pair of laces for you. Price should be  reasonable and the shoes would look great with that color lace

    This should work, but would suggest giving them a few pairs of laces to ensure they can get the color correct. Best of luck, I think the blue laces would really look great and finish off the look.