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    Where do you find the FJA Emblem in Myjoys?

    I have been playing around with it and do not see it anywhere.  Am I doing something wrong?



    Pablo, I'm sure this will get explained in short order by our trusted Ambassadors and Staff. I have read some older posts re which shoes can be logo'd but I am still a little confused about the whole process as well. Let's see what they can tell us.



    Call the 800 number on the MyJoys site. When you talk to the person that answers, leave a message for Rita or Kenny D. Mention you are a new FJ Ambassador and you want to order shoes with the FJA logo on them. Rita will call you back. And BTW. She is a huge NY Giants fan. And the nicest person!

    Good luck...


    This is not a general item for everyone.  I think you may contact Kenny DeAlmeida concerning ordering shoes with the FJA logo.  This has been in other threads also.

    I know the only ICON the FJA logo is available on is the Saddle.



    I think that I read in a previous post that you were supposed to call Kenny.


    That would look nice on your footjoys. How many others have these ?