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Problems with shoes

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    I currently have 8 pair of Footjoy golf shoes, recently (the last Two pair I have bought have given me trouble. the first pair Dryjoys #53703 (purchased Late fall of 2009) seem to fit fine at first.(all my shoes are 11W from Footjoy) the first problem is the shoe seem to pull my socks down in the back. Peds do not stay on and ankle socks are also pulled down which is distracting when playing. In addition the shoe has rolled over the sole! which now does not support my foot. My shoes are kept with shoe trees and are cared for by our Country Club's full-time locker attendant . The newest pair I have (Dryjoys #53570)is two weeks old I have worn them once and they are doing the same thing to the socks....I even purchased Footjoy socks with the shoes from our club which is an dealer. I called customer service and was told the shoes have a 30 day return policy. if not worn? or I can always return them and they will evaluate the shoe to see if it is defective with the box and receipt. The customer service lady was confrontational with me because I was asking questions and not happy with the performance of the shoe and 30 day return policy. Just getting confused as to who is the customer.....


    sorry to hear about your frustration..I've never experienced that before with FJ..I know they will make it for you..


    Wow, that doesn't sound good. I'm sure they will fix the problem for you .



    FootJoy customer service is second to none. It surprises me to hear about your experience. Have you tried your local PGA Professional that is your FJ dealer? They can usually help out by contacting thier account rep.

    Hopefully Mike/Chris will give you a contact tat FJ that will be able to resolve your problem.


    Brian --

    Thanks for taking the time to visit the FJ Community and provide feedback.  Let me ask around and see if I can get to the bottom of this.

    I have your contact information and will make sure someone reaches out to you directly.





    This has to be a first. Any problem I have ever had with FJ items has always been resolved and the the courtesy of the people I have dealt with has been exceptional. I have to imagine that the person you dealt with just had one of those rare bad days. I'm sure that Mike will resolve the issues you are having and you won't regret your purchases. FootJoy is the most outstanding company and they do everything to make your purchases and satisfaction with their products a great experience.