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X-Dimension Spike thread inserts are gone

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    I'm getting back into the golf scene after a 7 year break (due to reloacation and no-one to play with). I have a perfectly good pair of FJ X-Dimension shoes that I love.  I played last Sunday and noticed that one spike is gone from each shoe. It's not just the spike, it's the entire insert. Now there are holes and I'm concerned about them.  Are Spike inserts available? I really don't play enough to justify a new pair of shoes when these are otherwise perfect. Should I try gluing spikes on?


    Welcome Chrisco

    This is a tough question to answer, so I will leave it to FJ. You might also contact Customer Service and perhaps they might have a solution.


    You could always hit up Customer Service.  While those are rather old, they should be able to give you options.