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    I overpronate and am  a walking golfer. Any suggestions?  


    Welcome Baseball

    Runners world magazine says for pronation one should look for the following in shoes:

    •Wear shoes with straight or semi-curved lasts

    •Look for motion-control or stability shoes with firm, multidensity midsoles and external control features that limit pronation

    •Use over-the-counter orthotics or arch supports

    I only reference them since runners obviously put much more stress on their feet and ankles than golfers, but their tips have relevance to the footwear.

    I will defer the recommendation to the FJ Staff as to the shoe with the most appropriate last.

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    I also pronate when walking and or running.  I just bought the DNA's and they do not seem to let me feet curve, give these a try


    Same here as Runchr.  I've had the DNA's for a few months, they have been awesome.  The other I would recommend (and I own) are the XPS-1s, incredibly stable.  


    Randy that is a really good set of suggestions!


    Wear Shoes with:

    A. Stability or motion control features.

    B. Arch support and firm midsoles.

    C. Deep heel cups.

    Our suggestion is XPS-1 or D.N.A.

    The most stable shoe in our line is the XPS-1 via our MyJoys program.  It features a 3D viscoelastic GelCollar that wraps around the ankle to prevent excess movement inside the shoe as well as a dual-density fitbed for in shoe comfort and support.  A lightweight fiberglass support bridge also provides additional arch support.

    D.N.A. also features a deep heel cup and Foam collar to keep the ankle stable.  The dual density FTF fitbed of the D.N.A. provides ample cushioning and arch support.

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    I have severe overpronation and have custom full length orthotics so I need to remove the stock footbeds and put my orthotic in. The DNA didn't fit me as the included footbed is very thick at the back so it just didn't fit right when this was removed and replaced with my orthotic. The M Project just plain didn't work  as the narrow sole just allowed my foot to roll in .

    The Contour Series however is excellent. It supports well and is the most comfortable shoe that I have ever worn. Am very happy with it.

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    I second the thoughts on the Contour Series, (NOT Contour Casuals). They are great shoes however I don't have the pronation problem.