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1st ever pair of MyJoys Icon... speechless

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    My 1st ever MyJoys Icon's finally arrived..  It was like Christmas..  1st thing i noticed taking them out of the box was the pure smell of leather.. Never smelt so good..  2nd thing was the fitting..  I have to say i was nervous about this b/c i hate buying shoes on line without trying them on..  So following some great advice on the FJC, i trusted the Brannock device system and placed my order..  MAN they felt so right putting them on with a little bit of wiggle room which i like b/c i'm not a fan of tight shoes..   And now the 3rd, quality..  speechless..  I really am.. I'm actually afraid to wear them and would rather put them on my mantle and just stare at them..   I will definitely say this, you get your monies worth..   My have to order another pair soon....

    Great job FJ!!!! 




    Great looking shoes CH.

    Personally love this model of icons and my black / black stingray stock model are awesome.

    Enjoy and wear 'em well.

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    Nice looking shoes Chris!  


    Those are beauties Chris! Nice color pop with the red snake pattern. Wear them in good health and enjoy.


    Really nice. This might be the most attractive pair of MyJoys I have seen to date. Everything else running a very close second.


    Very nice!! Enjoy!!


    Sweet shoes.  Great combination of colors.

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    Pretty sporty there, congratulations.


    Hey Chris, beautimus......  :-)


    Very nice Chris, enjoy them! Just get a nice picture of them for the mantle. :-)


    Outstanding!  Time for pair #2.


    Sweet shoes...I remember my first myjoys :)

    These are beauties for sure.

    I think Rick has a few pairs that are similar. I know I have seen a couple pairs he has with that color scheme

    Chris, in this scheme I chose Asymetricals....


    HI Chris -- Great looking shoes!  Patrick Reed would be proud ;)