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    Funny, Golfsmiths has them, they call them Oregon mudders...they can really destroy a putting green.....some folks with softspikes are doing a pretty good job with those.....

    Replacement Steel Spikes


    My first pair of football shoes had metal cleats

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    Museum pieces...does anyone on tour still use them?

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    I'm with you on that one...  Never heard "nails"..  I always thought it was called metal spikes..  One thing i remember about them is being very slippery on pavements...   Not fun.


    Museum pieces...does anyone on tour still use them?

    Xhooper, I'm pretty sure Mickelson still does.  Most are going away from them and Pro's are only ones that can do it these days I believe.  

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    Just thought I'd share these beauties from FJ's glorious past.

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    Not sure exactly, metal nails I am pretty sure.


    Did a little research and calling spiked golf shoes "nails" is not entirely unheard. However using a google search this thread comes up number one. With the screw in spike system coming to market in the 1890's most of us (except for Doug) would have heard  and used the term spike.

    Pre 1890's there is not much information. One would think in the somewhat rural area of Scotland people would have a pair of hobnail boots. However some say people made golf shoes by hammering nails into a heavy soled shoe and I am sure some did. But why bother when you have the same thing already on your feet?

    All in all lets face it the metal attachments which still go into some golf shoes have a thread on it so it can be attached by turning (NOT NAILING) into the sole. Gee now what would you call something that requires you to turn it rather than hammer it?

    A SPIKE!!!!