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What's your favorite FJ shoe model?



    My man... Mr D!

    Shocked we didnt see your Ivory or Purple  S'Tips!

    It's a tough choice, I was just going with your orange theme. :-)


    XPS-1 BOA Model is one of my favorites! Albeit, the ICON's are close!


    Shout out to all the great, MyJoys designs hard to pick a winner.  I might have to go with Josh's Master themed Icons but I appreciate originality and the orange and purple are that to a T!!  


    Welcome to the FJC Big O. Your's is a tough question as FJ makes, and has made, so many great shoes. Of the current offerings, the Dry Joy Tour is my personal favorite. The DJT offers fantastic traction and classic style, especially in their saddle style. The XPS-! offers the best traction I've found and the FJ Sport was lightweight, had a firm sole and great traction. the BOA lacing system is awesome and I have a pair of black ICON BOA that is my favorite shoe to wear with slacks.

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    I have Contour Classic and M Projects with BOA, ***(PLEASE FootJoy, offer more stock option/styles with the BOA closure). I never want to go back to laces!!!!!!

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    Thank you and great answer. I love the BOA system and I hope that FootJoy offers it in many more models in the future. The BOA system is immensely popular here in Japan and my last two FJ shoe purchases have had the BOA system (M Project and EXL- Japanese model). I'm looking forward to ordering a set of MyJoys ICON BOA in the near future. I like to keep it classic though, although I love the pimped out purple base with purple croc skin, I like the traditional Black with white accent. I can pretty much wear those with anything.


    I'm a huge fan of the Icons and have numerous pairs.  However, the new Cities are incredibly comfortable and stylish.  I might have to add a few more pairs of those before next season!


    Whatever style you prefer BOA is my favorite feature!