Spike or Spikeless

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    I'm starting to look for a new pair of shoes and would like input from the members.

    Do you prefer spike of spikeless golf shoes and why?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I have both, FJ Sports and Contour Casual.  Most of the times i wear the Contour Casual just b/c of how comfortable they are to walk around in and it doesn't bother my lower back.  IMO good shoes for ppl with lower back issues.  

    When it's wet i definitely wear my Sports.  

    I'm considering looking into replacing my Sports w/ either the DNA or Contour series.

    Good luck with your choice!  Can't go wrong with any of them.  


    Welcome to the FJC, a lot of great people and information here.

    This topic comes up every so often.  I'm firmly in the spiked camp.  With spikes, for $10-$15, replace the spikes and you're good to go for quite some time.  With proper care, a pair of spiked FJs can last many years.  

    When the nubs on spikeless wear down, you have a pair of bowling shoes.  If you're a bowler, that might be a good thing.  


    I play in spikes. I bought a pair of casuals they don't have enough grip for me. I wear them to to practice short game and putting. I wear them around town to run errands and stuff. Surprisingly the "nubs" are holding up well..they are a bit over a year old and I wear them a full day a week.


    I also have both.  The only spikeless shoes I wear for golf, though, are my MProjects.  I have two pair of Contour Casuals that I wear casually, such as to and from the golf course.


    It is amazing how many of the Pros are now wearing spikeless shoes.

    Still a spike man myself at present but must admit that in the heat of summer on rock hard ground I have thought about testing out one the the newY ) ***ish) FJ spikeless models.

    Give us a review on whatever you decide to go with KRD ... and welcome to the FJ community !!!


    The pros have such good balance, they could probably play in about anything. For me, spikeless are fine in dry conditions, but I prefer spiked shoes to make good traction more certain. I don't always were spikeless shoes, but when I do, I prefer Dos Footjoys.


    Thanks for posting the question KRD and welcome to the community. There's lot of good information on the spike vs. spikeless shoes this site that can be found using the search function.

    That said, I wear both and have only once had an issue -- my ball landed, and stayed, on a very, very steep grass wall of a bunker.  I'm not sure it would have been much different with spikes but I definitely struggled to get a good footing.

    Other than that one incident, I have had no issues playing in any other terrain or wet conditions. They shoes tend to be softer and more flexible than traditional golf shoes but they also look very casual.

    Good luck, keep us posted and post pics of your new shoes on the 2014 Thread.


    I am really enjoying my MProject Spikeless this year and welcome KRD to the community.