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    Greetings FJ design team. I wanted to provide a little feedback having now had my DNA's in play for several months, with wearings of 5 rounds to date Let me share the pros and cons so far.

    Universally, the comfort factor on this shoe is off the charts. It cradles the foot all around and provides support during the entire round. I know you probably get tired hearing about it, but this shoe is literally like wearing "an old comfy slipper" on the course. It feels as if it's formed to my foot all around.

    Now the con. It is singular, because the rest of the shoe really performs at a high level. However, this week after cleaning my shoes post round I noticed that the back outside spike had lost two of it's "legs." The rest of the spikes looked to be in fine shape, but those back outside ones had worn pretty quickly. I know that's the weak link when walking on a hard surface or cart path.

    This was always an area I had concerns about, since the "Spider type" spikes wear much more quickly than a Champs Stinger. Typically I change out my Icons every 12-18 months, which is more than 10 rounds per shoe.

    Hopefully this feedback helps the team as future generations of DNA are crafted in the labs.


    Randy, I will send this to the product testing guys for you.....


    Good review.  I haven't noticed the spikes wearing down much yet.  I've done about the same number of rounds.  I did have one pop out on me, losing the left front spike on the right shoe.  Picked up some replacements and I was no worse for wear.

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    Thank you for the review TarHeel and glad to know that's the only con..  Don't mind replacing my spikes.   Now i need to get myself a pair..  "Comfort" is what i was looking for and you answered that well...