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Today is a good day


    Aside from being at work, which is a real downer, my wife whom is also on the mailing list for Golf Locker sent me a link for Professional Spikeless in black asking, "Do you want these?"

    "Yes, but I don't need them, " is my measured response.

    "Go ahead and get them," she says.  

    Winner, winner, chicken dinner.  I unsheathed my Amex faster than Wyatt Earp.  

    Finishing up the day at the range after work.  This isn't so bad after all.  I'll be sure to post pictures to the new shoe thread in a few days when they come in.


    You da man, Keith, you da man.....you need to take that young lady out to dinner......that way, you both are winners.....my wife doesn't question my purchases and we've been married 37 years........we have an agreement, I don't question her puchasing purses, frogs, shoes, etc., which costs a lot more than my shoes.....she doesn't even care for golf.....I just order what I want for my birthday and Christmas and she pays for it.....sounds like we have great wifes.....  chuck  :-)


    Congrats, new shoes always make a day good !


    That's a good wife to have, kmcmellen.  I think you should work hard to keep her.


    Well played. Of course you "need them!"

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    That is awesome.  I had a great day yesterday, got my new Titleist irons on order, they should be in early next week.  I just love equipment upgrade summer.  


    Want vs. Need. Always a tough line to follow ;) Congrats. Look forward to seeing them on the 2014 New Shoes thread.


    You have made at least one good choice in your life.  What a thoughtful wife.


    I love the professional spikeless!  You'll love it, and be sure you show them off to your better half.  Great story


    Thanks guys.  She's definitely a keeper.  Although I won't be showing her the comments on this board, otherwise she'll think she has the green light to buy yet another purse.  

    Chuck, I like your idea.  A nice dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant sounds like a great idea.

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    Nothing better than a new pair of FJ's........could possibly mean that the wife has her eyes some new bling but it's all good  when it comes to golf purcghases.