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BOA Lacing System


    Just curious who out there wears, or has worn, FJ shoes with the BOA Lacing System? Please share your experience with it!

    If you're unsure, BOA shoes have the knob, or reel, on the back of the shoe, like this one:





    I absolutely love my M project BOA's. I was quite hesitant to go this route originally since I have difficulty trying on any of shoes in stores or Pro shops as 9.5 XW are usually not available. I decided to bite the bullet on the new ones, site unseen, last year and could not have been any happier with the fit or comfort. I have worn them for a dozen rounds already and they felt as good out of the box as they have on my last rounds

    I wish I had done this a lot earlier. I have a number of different types of FJ's and would have loved to have had the adjustability on all of them.



    I've got BOA Icons and love them. I wish I had ordered them with my M-Projects as well. The system really does maintain a consistent tension throughout the round.  In addition the feel across all areas of the lacing is even. Often when I lace up my shoes, I don't properly snug the lower eyelets -- this is never a problem with BOA system.


    Hi Chris, I certainly have several pairs of FJ's with the BOA Lacing System.  I have a pair of M-Projects, Contour Casuals, and three pairs of XPS's and I am hoping to get a pair of the DNA's at somepoint.

    After playing in shoe with laces for years and having to tie and re-tie them throughout the round, I decided to try out a pair with the BOA Lacing System.  Right out of the box and onto my foot, wihtin seconds I noticed that my foot felt more grounded into the heel cup, providing the support I was really looking for.  Then after I started the round, and usually by the 3rd tee box, its time to retie the laces, not the case at all with the BOA lacing System.  This system continued to hold my foot in place and provide the comfort and "tightness" around my foot that just felt great all round.  

    I truly do prefer the BOA Lacing System in my golf shoes.  As I mentioned above, as soon as I can save up for my next pair, the DNA BOA's will be heading my way.  I think the DNA is a great shoe, well constucted, looks great, but most of all performs as I expect.  FJ has continued to raise their standards, and so have I.  

    Great job on the release of the DNA and great question on the BOA Lacing System.  If there is anything else I can do to assist with any addtional questions, you know how to get a hold of me....

    Thanks again and nice to hear from you,



    I picked up the BOA DNA's a few weeks ago.  The weather and schedule hasn't been cooperative enough for me to get in a round with them on yet, but I've been to the range a few times with them.  I absolutely love them.  I never thought I would love them as much as my XPS-1s, but the DNA's are far and away my favorite shoes.

    Echoing the comments from above, they feel great, and I enjoy not having to re-lace my shoes occasionally.  I would say though there is an "adjustment" period.  Not a negative thing, but the first time I wore them, I wasn't quite sure where the nirvana point between having them properly adjusted and cutting off circulation was because I was just so used to shoe laces.  

    Now that I have BOAs, I'll likely never buy another pair of FJs without them.  Far more convenient and it makes the shoe fit better in my opinion.


    I have been toying with the BOAs but have not yet pulled the trigger.  I was looking for them in the DNAs to give the BOA a try but could not find them in my size anywhere.  It looks like I am just going to have to go ahead and order them from my pro shop in the size I need.  I have heard nothing but good things about the fit, but I don't particularly care for the look on a lot of the shoes... especially the more traditional styles but that is just a personal opinion.  It always seems like I have the top tighter then the bottom when I put shoes on then it loosens up a bit with regular laces.  Sounds like the BOA will address this.  Look forward to trying them out.

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    THE BOA SYSTEM IS GREAT.  I have them for at least two years and love them. I am looking at the new shoes with the BOA system and will probably get them

    I have two pairs with BOA lacing system, an FJ Sport and an M-Project. Both are an awesome pair. The DNA in BOA would be the ultimate pair to have them on, and I hope to pick up a pair sometime soon. Some of the things I like about the BOA are the quick and easy to put on as well as the quick and easy release to have them off. I could just slip them on-lock-twist-and-go. Adjustments are never a problem, I can adjust them at anytime. Also, at times when in a hurry to leave the course after a quick round, I could just release the buttons and snap it back in and that easily releases pressure as it loosens and deliver comfort to the feet right away without worrying about long loose laces while driving. I know I should change shoes, and I normally do before I drive, but sometimes I either forget or think it's just easier to do so. Lazy, maybe... late for dinner, could be... The lacing are heavy duty and are durably made of steel covered in nylon. A couple of friends at our course had asked me about it before and even went as far as to check out the laces on it- only to be surprised to learn that it isn't a 20 lb. test line. Also, the knobs for adjustments are with fine gear dials to enable a precise and a desired fit and comfort with great convenience. I must say, the BOA lacing or closures has a neat and a clean look. Futuristic? Yes, it is! It's a good change- change is good! The knob in the back are always what folks are thinking about, but if only you could try and experience how well they are made and know the convenience and advantages it provides, "it is a mind changing feel once you're in it", and therefore it will be viewed as a smart and superior lacing system.

    I have not ventured into the BOA sytem as yet (I'm just an old traditionalist and just cant get past the knob) but I speak to everyone I encounter wearing the BOA and I have not as yet heard one bad story and from my experiance are universally admired.

    Now deep down I am pretty lazy and on that level the BOA is very attractive but will that triumph over traditionalism ... not at this stage I'm afraid ... but you never say never !!!


    Excellent insight, everyone. Thank you!


    After wavering back and forth on the BOA issue for a while, I pulled the trigger yesterday and ordered a pair to give them a try.  I will have to put them "into service" and see how they work for me.  I have heard a lot of great comments on the FJC about the BOA shoes so I am excited to give them a try.  Golflocker.com had a sale where they had the M Projects in BOA in my size for an awesome price.  If I like the fit and feel, these will be the setup on the DNAs.  figured it was better to try the system with a les expensive shoe out of the gate.  More to come once hey come in and I have a chance to play a few rounds with them...


    I have a pair of the FJ Sports with he Boa lacing system and absolutely love them. As many have said the easy of use if a key feature. The ability to tighten them up with just the turn of a dial while playing is an added plus. I see a pair of DNA's with the Boa system in making their way into my locker.



    The knob in the back are always what folks are thinking about, but if only you could try and experience how well they are made and know the convenience and advantages it provides, "it is a mind changing feel once you're in it", and therefore it will be viewed as a smart and superior lacing system.

    In addition, I think there is a good reason for the knob to be at the back of the shoe.  Something the traditional lace does not provide... the BOA closure actually pulls in from the back and all around the top of shoe saddle.  The hug it gives is different from the regular shoe lace.

    If anyone had ever experienced shoe slippage from the heels- it would be impossible in the BOA closure.


    BOA's are absolutely outstanding.  The fit is consistent and solid.  I highly recommend more options - especially different colors of the DNA's w/BOA...


    BOA's are the only way to go IMHO!  I have begun slowly over the last few years changing ALL my shoes to just BOA models because of some various factors: 1) on and off is simple, easy and is quick, 2) it has a clean look 3) the fit is better than with traditional laces, 4) the shoes do not come undone or become loose during a round like traditional laces do sometimes....others have already echoed these sentiments...the only way to determine your own opinion (which I would be willing to bet is most likely going to be great) is to try a pair yourself...

    Good Luck!