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Best walking golf shoe


    I am a personal fan of the DJ Tours.....can't leave out the Contours and the new FJ City.......


    Footjoy City is a nice walking shoe, very comfortable.


    Sounds like the DNA is a winner in this category!


    Welcome to the FJ Community Tankerdog. I now wear, or have worn, every model of FJ shoe since 1976. Every model is comfortable for walking rounds. That being said, the FJ DryJoy Tour, Contour and Superlites are my favorites fro walking rounds. They are light, yet offer plenty of cushion, stability and traction. For pure traction, you can't beat the DryJoy Tour.

    It's tough to beat the soft but firm comfort inside with an awesome stylish contemporary top of the DNA. It's got the innovative "it" factor look in golf shoes with its advanced technology and engineering by expert teams in FootJoy, they've deliver the DNAs over the top!

    On the other hand, Icons will always be fabulous with its most solid base and its many choices of style. The correct size and fit will also get you 36 in comfortably and stylishly. Personalization is also an added comfort in my book. Expressions brings out the aura within us (MyJoys). So personal that I feel comfort in it... It sepparates all the others, and in golf, uniqueness is a great thing. It's a great feeling to be in Icons!

    Anyway, these characteristics of both lines will make it a difficult choice.... If.... you were to chose just one pair :-). So, yeah, have a few!
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    M Projects are pliable while still providing support.

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    D.N.A. are the most comfortable golf shoes I have ever worn.  Just be aware that they run big...  I have 1/2 size smaller than my normal shoe size

    I regularly walk and rarely ride the golf course. Once upon a time I had other brands of shoe , but now when I need a new pair I don't mess about I just get a pair of foot joys. I spend most of the day in FJ golf shoes, in fact probably all of the day as I wear icon shield tip spikeless shoes to work. I define comfort as a shoe that fits well and at the end of the day your feet are as soft and relaxed as at the beginning of the day.
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    Icons, best combination of comfort and stability

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    I found out by experience Foot Joy makes the most comfortable shoe for walking.  Once I switched brands because it was cheaper.  My feet never did feel good after a round of walking.  I switched back to Foot Joy and immediately my feet felt better.  I think they actually thanked me!  Never more, I am Foot Joy customer for life and will not hesitate to tell the guys I play golf with each and every time they ask.


    gotta admit even though they're only available in myJoys now...the XPS is a very comfortable shoe along with being a very sturdy shoe for support and balance.  I do have the DNA as well and while comfortable for walking, a bit surprised at the lack of support when playing a shot from a sidehill lie --- guess that was my fault for not hitting the fairway --- all in all, you won't go wrong with just about any FJ product!!!!!


    I haven't had a pair a Footjoys I didn't like to walk in.  My dad had problems with his feet and I bought him a pair of Footjoys as well and now he is a believer as well.  

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    I too love the Icons -- also wear DNAs for walking... but the most comfortable shoe for walking is the DJ Casual.  Has good support, but is very light and comfy... having a hard time getting them off my feet they are so comfy!!!  But again, all FJ shoes are superior quality and comfort!!!

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    I have 3 pairs of Contour casual all different colors, by far the BEST walking golf shoes i own.  Before those my lower back use to bother me wearing the FJ spikes golf shoes and then heard/read about Freddy Couple wearing the same type to assist with his lower back.  I was paying big bucks for Ecco and since i've been a long time fan of FJ's shoes I came across the Contour.  Fell in love immediately and now have 3 pairs..  And my back holds up lovely through-out the whole round...  Anyone else experience that?  

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    I love to walk in my M Projects.