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Foot Joy Dry I.C.E. shoes


    Great to have you in contributing to the group. I recently "discovered" a pair of my DryIce's tucked away in the back of a cabinet.  Cleaned them up and they are now my driving range shoes.

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    Very Cool.  Not familiar with those shoes so now I have something new to check out.


    The DryJoys DryIce has gone the way of many FJ lines--replaced by newer, and better ones.  I had a pair that I loved and wore out far more quickly than I should have, because I wore them so much (yes, I alternated with another pair, and used shoe trees).  Had picked them up at a golf show outside Washington, DC one Jan/Feb and threw them away about three and a half years later when the soles gave up two of the cleat bases.  Until I got to Houston and started really adding to my FJ lineup, I relied exclusively on the DryJoys for my golf shoe needs.  Now I have two pairs of DryJoy Tours, six pairs of Icons, two MProjects (one each  spiked and spikeless), a pair of FJ Sports, and even two pairs of DryJoys (one in Virginia at my daughter's house), plus two pairs of Contour Casuals for other-than-golf activities.  I'm looking at picking up some DNA's, some more Icons, a pair of FJ City's, and possibly a pair of DryJoys Casuals.  Why, why, do I need so many pairs of FJ shoes?

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    Thanks for the tip



    I bought a pair on Dry I.C.E. shoes 12EW and they are perfect fit and comfort, I always buy FootJoy because they are the only shoes that come in a 12EW that fit. I have 4 pair of Foot Joys and some I have had for over 5 years that I still wear and Dry Joys are the bomb. I am a pro musician so I have lots of free time in the day and I play golf on an average of 4 days a week, I live in Georgia so I get to play all year and when I travel my shoes and bag goes in the truck just like my guitars. Thanks to Foot Joy for making a person that is hard on shoes as I am a big guy and I am also Diabetic and the shoes are approved by my foot Dr. to be safe for my feet so It's a winning situation all the way around. Thanks so much for the long time relationship and comfort. Big Mike " Big Mike and The *** Papas"   bootypapa.com

    Welcome aboard bluezman, I had a pair of Dry I.C.E. FootJoys many years ago and liked them a lot. A tip for you in order to answer each post directly, use the "quote" button under the post you want to reply to and your answer will be connected to the post as I have done here. Again, welcome to the Community.

    But if you don't want the post and Quote reply to clog up the feed, as sometimes happens with pictures, just hit reply and include the name you're giving a shout out to.