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Thinking about going spikeless


    I get plenty of traction with the spikeless. However, if you tend to not get your weight back/forward it will certainly be highlighted. I had the same problem sometime back with my spiked shoes and when I visited my instructor he pointed out that my "spinouts" weren't the fault of worn cleats but rather the lack of any weight on my foot when I moved forward.

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    Spiked or spikeless really depends on 1) preference, 2) conditions.  conditions are a large part of how your shoes will respond to the grass.  Spiked shoes will always be better in wet conditions and/or longer grass.  Spikeless shoes are great for dry grass conditions, short grass, and quick on and off the douse without changing your shoes.  I used to have both a spiked and a spikeless pair and would change them due to the conditions of the day.  now I just decided I like the spikes best and stay with those.  Hope this helps.