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First time out with DNA's


    Tar Heel
    Well I broke out my newly arrived DNA's this weekend and put them in play. I must say, they are much better than advertised! As one who absolutely loves the Icon range, this shoe was a new experience and feel for me. The results:

    It has been stated here before to some degree, but let me be specific... make sure you get fitted properly for this shoe. I wear a size 10.5 in every other FJ shoe, and in the DNA I'm a size 10.0. And I am thrilled I made certain of the fit, or I would have been sliding around in the shoe instead of being snuggly cradled the way my foot was.

    I have to third (or fourth, or tenth) this.  I don't own a pair, but last time I was i the store I wanted to try a pair on and get the feel before I jumped in and spent the cash.

    I grabbed my normal size (10.5 medium) and it wasn't even close from a fit perspective.  I definitely needed a 10 (possibly a 9.5 but I didn't spend the time since I wasn't very committed yet).  Don't order these blindly IMO


    1/2 size smaller has been my experience.