The FJ City

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    Thank you for the review.  I am looking forward to adding these for the performance and classy look!


    I had a chance to take the new Cities out for a spin last weekend and let me tell you, they are comfortable!  It was going to take a nice overall shoe to get added into my Icon rotation, and this shoe certainly answered the bell.  They are very comfortable with no break-in period for me.  We road in a cart, but because of some of the wet weather we've had, I still did a decent amount of walking.  And they grip was fine.  They might have less spikes than my Icons, but I didn't notice.  Overall this is a great shoe.  Really combines the performance and style I was looking for.  I'm already trying to decide which color to add next.


    When Bobby (GOVOKIES) and I visited the proshop yesterday at Coosaw Country Club we were talking to the pro about the new FJ City which he had not seen.  Told him about my experience wearing them recently and he said he was going to contact his FJ rep about these shoes.  He carries a good assortment of FJ products and Bobby was picking out things to order when he gets back.      


    And they say Women are into shoes....You guys and your Streets what's next, LOL !