BOA Shoes Storage


    When not using your BOA's, in addition to putting in shoe trees, do y'all also keep the shoes tighter by turning up the dials?  

    Just wondering if there Is any sustained wear by keeping up the tension?  Of if this is the recommended action.

    I have noticed that dirt gets under the cables and marks up the tongue. I need to really wipe under the cables after a round of my white shoes to keep them


    I don't own a pair of these, but it would seem that continued full time tension would not necessarly be good for them....I might be wrong......Devin might be the expert on this......just a personal buddies have them and they do not keep the tension on when they are not wearing   : )

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    I've had my BOA's over two years and have stored them with shoe trees and cables slightly tightened. I've not noticed any lost tension in the cables. However, with a little leather cleaner (Tumi luggage liquid cleaner) remove any dirt under that tongue. The only replacement I've made on the shoes is the insole. I'll post a picture over the weekend. Hope that helps...


    I do not tension up any boa shoe when not in use!  Better to leave loose IMHO


    Thanks Chefrad and Chris. Tightening them enough to keep the leather taught, like I do with regular laced shoes makes sense.

    Good suggestion on the Tumi cleaner. I clean my shoes right after I wear them but dirt/dust seems to get on the tongue during the round.