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Contour Casuals

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    I have been thinking about a pair, also. Thanks for all the good info.

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    They are fine when the ground is dry but when the ground is wet I go to my spiked FJ's.


    I have been thinking about a pair, also. Thanks for all the good info.

    Go for it! Also, there's a few good threads that have lots more detail about the shoes. Just search the site.

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    Got 3 pair of CC, White, Brown and Black.

    Great shoe for dry conditions but not that good on steep down hills on wet days.



    jerry wood
    not that good on steep down hills on wet days.Jerry

    I wonder how the pro's managed in them at the US Open and at the DB in the rain.  Was pretty amazed to see Justin Rose in full rain gear the US Open wearing spikeless shoes. I was surprised that the pro's don't switch in very wet conditions -- money on the line, etc.

    That said, these shoes really promote a smooth tempo; you can't over swing.

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    I just discovered them this summer. I have chronic foot soreness and these, with the orthodics I got from my podiatrist, give me no more pain. My feet actually feel good after playing. I always said Foot joys are the most comfortable shoes I own and never a break-in needed. I always wished they made other shoes too and now they do.

    I wear them all the time. I live near a walk-on nine hole course so I just pop over and am ready to play.

    I will say that, the constant wear and on hard surfaces has worn down the nubs some in comparison to a new pair I bought for a different color. Even a little worn, they work fine for me as a casual golfer. I could see that they might not be enough for a competitive player.

    Definitely try them.


    Hi Bruce, welcome to the FJC and great input on the wear.


    Welcome aboard the Forum, Bruce Wiley.  Stick around and you'll find a community of folks truly interested in FJ products, golf, and interacting with each other.


    Add me to the casual shoe category.  Have played nine holes, walking in the afternoon in them with no problem.