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    I recently picked up a pair of FJ Sports with the BOA lacing system.  One thing I noticed after walking 18 holes in them is that it would be nice if the system came up closer to the top of the tongue of the shoe.  I felt my heel slipping a bit and thought it could be alleviated by the laces coming up higher.  Does anyone know any tips or tricks to help this.  There are certain ways to help reduce slippage with traditional laces simply by the way you lace them up, but I don't think I have many options with the BOA system.  Maybe something FootJoy and BOA could look at going forward.


    Do any Tour Pro's use BOA lacing?

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    The BOA shoes are very popular on the LPGA Tour for certain with some usage around the PGA circuit as well. My rec would be to try and tighten them up another click or 2 more. I personally cannot speak to that slippage. Maybe its a shoe width issue instead of BOA? I am simply trying to come up with solutions to help you out.


    Do any Tour Pro's use BOA lacing?

    You may search in the Players section ( For example, Louis Oosthuizen already used the Dryjoys Tour in BOA version.