M Project Myjoys???

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    Will there ever be Myjoys for the M Project?  I just saw that this year you introduced the contour casuals.  when are the M projects coming to customization?


    I asked this question while talking to FJ earlier this week. At this time it is not in the plan to put the M Project in the MyJoys program. That being said, FJ is one of those "never say never" companies so you never know!

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    They already have some pretty cool colors but MyJoys would take them to a new level.

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    We can only hope...I love the M Projects and would definitely like to see the custom option!


    I agree, from what I have heard, no plans in the works, but if they get enough support, you never know.


    While I LOVE the myjoys program I dont know if the M:Projects would be a great fit.  However until it's tried I'm just going by personal opinion.  I know I'd get a pair if they did.  I love my M:Projects!


    It would be great or if not,  increase color options (would be nice to have a meshed navy version).