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Looking to buy first pair of FJ any recommendations

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    I ended up going with the FJ Sport with the Boa system. I cant complain, perfect shoe and so light weight and comfortable. I have walked 18 holes since buying them and they are perfect. I wish I would of purchased before now, thanks everyone for the comments.


    Welcome Steve. First, find a shop/store that has FJ shoes in stock, check your size and try them on. Many of the models of FJ shoes use a different last so you want to make certain you get the right size in the model you like. Second, for walking comfort the M Series is excellent, but so is the FJ Street series. Still, many tour pros prefer the FJ Sport. The Sport offers exceptional traction, light weight and cushioned comfort. I wear them a lot when walking and just love their performance. Still, the DryJoy Tour and ICON and XPS-1 are excellent walking shoes.


    That's a great choice Steve. I own several FJ models and in my honest opinion, the FJ Sport is the best overall shoe value in the FJ line.


    Also have a FJ Sport and are a great choice. Enjoy it Steve.


    try a pair of Icons - they are the best.  

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    Im my humble opinion:

    M projects are the most comfortable but don't have as much support as others

    Icons are some of the best golf shoes out there along with the XPS 1s

    Dryjoys are a little clunky in my opinion but will keep your feet dry!

    Sports are very similar to the XPS 1s but almost without some of the "upgrades"

    Hope this helps and you can't go wrong with any FJ!