Shoe Testing at Foot Joy


    Thanks for sharing your experience sounds like an awesome time.. Maybe someday I will be lucky enough to witness the show box.. According to google its only 1959 miles away from my door step.. Hahaha

    its worth the trip


    Sounds like a great experience at the 'Shoe Box.... Luv the name ! I'm ready for a visit and shoe testing anytime.....


    I'm with you Josh. We (Pinkie and I) will take a golf road trip to Footjoy and will make arrangements to play in the "Show Box".


    No throwing shoes at each other once in the "Shoe Box"  keep them to yourselves...

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    Hey gang,

    I too have been fortunate enough to live fairly close to, and have participated in shoe testing at FJ. It is a great experience, informative and fun. Joe Izzo is a super guy, and I hope many of you get to meet him.


    The Shoe Box is crazy cool, and Joe is always on his game. Hopefully I'll get to go back to do some more tests this year

    agreed.  i would love to make another trip up to FJ for more time in the shoe box.

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    For those who want to come in for testing and live a respectable distance from our Brockton, Ma location please feel free to email me and if you fit the criteria for the current tests I would love to have you come in.


    Joe - You have my contact info - I stand at the ready for round two!!

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    I am wearing the Foot Joy “Superlites” 9.5 W this shoe is the most comfortable shoe I own. I love to walk the course and it is a joy to do so in these wonderful golf shoes. Here in the Pacific Northwest it is wet here most of the time and I feel sure footed in the tee box and do not worry about my feet slipping during my golf swing. I also wear Foot Joy/Dry Joy rain gear, great products!

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    Thanks for sharing! It sounds like a great experience. Almost makes me wish I lived a little closer.


    Great story! The shoe box area is super cool... Only been there once but hope to return in the future!


    Thanks for sharing.  It's always cool to peek behind the curtain.