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    This a complaint.  This shoe has been designed with a shortened tongue pad.  I wore it yesterday for the first time.  It bruised the front of my ankles.  I have worn Footjoys for years and years.  Appears to me that the shoe designers saved a penny or two and, at least for me, produced an unwearable high end shoe.  What were they thinking?  I have a few pairs of slightly older models which don't have the problem.  However, those models no longer offer 13 Narrow.


    I am sorry that your are experiencing this issue.  I don't beleive it was not our designers  intention to save a penny or two by shortening the tongue of the shoe.  I can forward your complaint to R&D for a more thorough explanation.




    I do not have that issue w my pair, although the are 9.5, not 13.   very odd.  send in a pic


    I have no issues with the couple of pairs I own.  They wear well when walking or riding.



    I have 3 pairs and while I can understand what softconsult is talking about...I definitely don't believe it has anything to do with saving a penny

    I do notice a tongue being a little shorter than other types of shoes I have (Sport and Dry Joy) but it is just as important to properly tie the shoe as well to keep the tongue in its proper position.

    I've walked, driven...many rounds in my XPS shoes and have had no problems...maybe just an unfortunate experience...


    I have 3 pair in BOA 14M and I do not have that issue...these are my favorite shoes!


    It could be a defect on this one shoe, but it may be the tongue shifted during lacing. You might try pulling the tongue straight toward you then, lace up. This worked for me on my first pair of XPS-1 shoes.