Repair Possibility of my beloved DryJoy's

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    I have a pair of DryJoy's that I LOVE!!! .... I have had them awhile but since they are long out of warranty, I wasn't sure if it is even possible to repair the issues I am having with them. Recently I have had the green receivers or receptacles start to come out. I had the spikes changed and now I am having this issue. Also one of the soles has come loose. The upper part of the shoe is like new. I have taken really good care of these and would love to bring them back to life. Before i send them to your authorized repair facility I would like to know if this a problem that can even be addressed with a repair...... Thank You in advance for you attention to my questions!


    Ah MXM.... You have worn the life out of your beloved DryJoys. I would venture a guess that repairs would financially cost more than a new pair of DryJoys. And while you may love your shoes, the new designs are quite wonderful. The shoe technology has really increased and the materials so much better.

    I might also suggest, based on the wear you describe, that you invest in two pairs of shoes and rotate them. This will decrease wear and increase the life of your beloved footwear even more. Many here alternate their FJ's and increase the longevity of the shoes significantly.

    Good luck sir!


    MXM, Randy is wise, listen to him well. Welcome to the community! You fill not find a better place for information or such an excellent group of people. As far as the shoes go; check out they are always running deals on DryJoy's, I am sure you can find a deal on one, or as Randy mention, two pairs. Many of us rotate shoes and it really does make them last. Also be sure to take of the shoes with cedar shoe trees, they will absorb the moisture and extend the life of year shoes even further! Keep us posted on what you do!!!


    Randy is our FJA "Yoda" and guru of shoes...his words of wisdom are to be valued

    Welcome to the Community...have fun here...


    Sounds like it is definately time to get some new shoes. You appear to have gotten every last possible round out of that pair. As Randy says, if you invest in more than one pair they will last even longer. Quite a few of us have at least 10 pair in our show rotation!