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FootJoy Sport

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    I'm looking into getting the FootJoy sport golf shoe and i'm wondering if they are good for golf and if they are comfortable. Please comment what you think.

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    For my money the sports are one of the best shoes that FJ makes, very comfortable.  There is a reason that many pros wear them every week.


    Welcome to the FJ community CTaylor890.

    The FJ sport is not my shoe of choice (I'm an Icon man) but everyone I know who wears them is a fan and you will see that some of the FJC are serious fans of this shoe and all othjer FJ products.


    The FJ Sport is excellent for golf and an exceptionally comfortable shoe.  As with any shoe, make sure you find and purchase the proper size, so your feet will be comfortable throughout the round.  I have had a pair of FJ Sports for almost three years, now, and wear them at least once a week (I play 5-6 times a week--retired).


    They are great shoes.  Nice lightweight shoe.  I have the previous model.   My personal preference is the DryJoys Tour though and have 2 pair of those!


    CTaylor890 welcome to the FJC.

    I have two pair of FJ Sport, I bought one 2 years ago and another last year. Nice comfortable shoe, as are all of FJ shoes.


    CTaylor890;  Welcome to FJC!

    FJ Sport - like the feedback you have read above, I am with them, a hundred percent.  FJ Sport has great style, and they are well designed and Engineered for golf.  I have a pair that I love so much.