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Just recieved new shoes

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    You can tell just by pulling them out of the box the shoes are top of the line.Heck I dont think the line has been invented yet that these shoes come from.I will   be trying  out my new FJ M Projects 3/12.


    Welcome to the FJC.  Enjoy the M Projects.

    Post a picture for the forums to see.



    There is a thread to post shoe photos for the community to enjoy. Please do.


    welcome and congrats on the new shoes.  the M Projects are a heck of a shoe.  i'm sure you'll love them.  head over to the 2013 shoe thread and post a pic!


    Welcome to the community, post photos!


    Mailman, welcome to the FJ community.  I am sure you will be very happy with your purchase.  Please stick around and enjoy the community.  Also, check out a couple of the threads on the site and you will be overwhelmed by the amount of products people have and show pictures of.  It should give you some next purchase ideas too.


    Mailman87, welcome to the FJC!

    As you can see, we are all eager to see a photo of your shoes.  Congrats!

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    Welcome Aboard and know you will love the shoes!!


    Welcome to the Forum, mailman87.  I've got a pair of the MProjects, spineless, and love them.  Post your picture in the 2013 new shoes thread so everyone can see and fawn over them.  Glad to have you aboard.


    Welcome, mailman87. Which M Project did you buy, color, spike or spikeless. Post photos.  


    Welcome to the FJC mailman87.

    You are definitely preaching to the converted here.

    Post some pics and check out some of the other works of art in the 2013 New Shoe rule in "Shoes" (and even 2012 version if you're very keen)  ... there's also a similar thread in "Apparel" for everyone to post pics of their latest acquisitions.


    Welcome to the FJC! Good call on the M Projects. They've gotten rave reviews thus far

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    Welcome to the FJC.  Enjoy the new shoes and post some pictures.