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Boa Microsite


    Nice piece on the Boa lacing system is up on the http://www.footjoy.com/boa/ mircosite. Definitely hits the nail on the head as to the benefits of FootJoy shoes with the Boa lacing system. I know that I am a believer now, after purchasing a pair of Sports with Boa last year.


    Very cool.  They dropped the XPS BOA from the product page.  I love the secure fit in my XPS more than any shoe I have ever played in.  I am guessing the M-Projects will be added soon.

    They felt great.  

    The FJ Sports I have also have BOA lacing and they also provide a secure fit.  Just prefer my XPS's I guess.

    Thanks for sharing the link



    i love my fj sports with BOA system on them and i cant wait untill spring here in ohio