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12 Days of BoA...

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    Got a tweet to enter the 12 Days of BoA, so I entered...And was selected as the instant winner!!! Nice, new pair of FJ DryJoys w/ the BoA closure system headed my way. Thanks FJ and BoA!!!


    Welcome to the forums and congrats.  Enjoy your time here.



    Hey, that's great! Congratulations. Welcome to FootJoy!

    Post a picture of it!

    Have a nice holidays

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    Just entered but tomorrow isn't FJ's....bummer


    very cool. I am a tweeter I should follow footjoy. Show us a picture of your shoes when you get them !




    Outstanding on being an instant winner. Pics  will have to be postedor you'll disappoint your fnas here.


    I just checked the website and Facebook page.  The shoes won by tpridgenusmc are the only FJ prize offered.  Other prizes are left, if anyone is interested in checking out this promotion.


    Congratulations and welcome aboard!

    The FJ and BOA system is the Best...

    -ICONs for ALL