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Footjoy shoe laces

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    The laces on my two pair of Icons were fraying, and on my older pair  of Classics the laces had wornout. Never changed them before. Now the search began.  Needed "white." Couldn't find white FJ laces anywhere (except in UK); I know I'm a little "lace crazy" but not so much as to go "across the pond" for a pair of shoe laces. FJ came to my aid and sent me two pair. It's the little things that count! I can tell you there is simply no substitute for the genuine FJ laces to renew the look of your shoes and for performance.  Nothing else works!  Thanks FJ.

    Frost Walker


    Frost, welcome to the FJ comminuty. You should be able to find replacment laces at www.golflocker.com or www.tgw.com. best of luck.


    I believe you can find it at Golf Galaxy shops (www.golfgalaxy.com).