Champions Tour Rookie Jodie Mudd

Champions Tour Rookie Jodie Mudd


    Catching up with Jodie Mudd

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    Apr. 27, 2010

    In addition to being one of America's best amateur players in the early '80s, Jodie Mudd went on to win four times on the PGA TOUR. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the biggest victory of his career, a one-stroke triumph over Mark Calcavecchia at the 1990 PLAYERS Championship. Mudd turned 50 on April 23 and will make his debut on the Champions Tour at this week's Mississippi Gulf Resort Classic near Biloxi. Phil Stambaugh, media official for the Champions Tour, recently talked with Jodie on a number of different topics and here's what he had to say.

    PGA TOUR: What are your favorite things to watch on TV?

    JODIE MUDD: The Food Network and The Discovery Channel are my two favorite channels. My two favorite shows are Frontline and Comedy Central.

    PGA TOUR: Outside of golf, what sport do you most enjoy watching on TV?

    JODIE MUDD: I enjoy watching thoroughbred racing on television.

    PGA TOUR: I'd love to trade places for a day with ...

    JODIE MUDD: John Velazquez, a famous jockey from Puerto Rico. It would be a thrill to ride the best bred horses in America.

    PGA TOUR: Favorite team as a kid and did you have a favorite athlete?

    JODIE MUDD: I loved watching the Cleveland Browns during the decade of the 1970s.

    PGA TOUR: Bookmarks ... What sites do you look at every day on your computer?

    JODIE MUDD: Probably the one site I look at on a regular basis is Equibase, an information source for thoroughbred racing

    PGA TOUR: What's the first job you ever held?

    JODIE MUDD: Mowing lawns in the neighborhood where I lived.

    PGA TOUR: What's your favorite meal?

    JODIE MUDD: Any Italian food

    PGA TOUR: One talent I'd most love to have ...

    JODIE MUDD: Playing the banjo

    PGA TOUR: Do you have some all-time favorite movies?

    JODIE MUDD: Legends of The Fall, First Blood, Moby ***, Seabiscuit, The Bourne Supremacy

    PGA TOUR: My wife would say my worst habit is ...

    JODIE MUDD: She thinks I'm a clean freak.

    PGA TOUR: One golf course I've never played that I'd love to play ...

    JODIE MUDD: I'm a fan of classic golf courses. I'd like to play any Donald Ross, A.W. Tillinghast, Seth Raynor or C.B. McDonald course I've never played before.

    PGA TOUR: My most memorable vacation was going to ...

    JODIE MUDD: Venice, Florida in 1964. My older brother saved me from drowning.

    PGA TOUR: I currently drive a ...

    JODIE MUDD: Toyota Highlander

    PGA TOUR: I'd most like to sit down for a discussion with ...

    JODIE MUDD: My grandfather. He was playing golf in Kentucky in the 1930s.

    PGA TOUR: The first concert I ever attended as a kid was ...

    JODIE MUDD: Foreigner, 1979

    PGA TOUR: My most memorable shot was ...

    JODIE MUDD: The second shot I hit into the par-4 18th hole on Sunday at the 1990 PLAYERS Championship.

    PGA TOUR: If I'm not playing golf, I enjoy ...

    JODIE MUDD: Going to any thoroughbred racetrack, gardening and landscaping

    PGA TOUR: My bucket list ...

    JODIE MUDD: Raising my daughter and spending as much time as possible with her.


    Great Article !


    really interesting to learn more about him...would be cool if he won this week!!


    He was on  Georiga Southern University golf team..... same college I went to.  I wish him the best!!!