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Merion and Justin Rose

Merion and Justin Rose


    My thinking is that the rough at the U.S. Open was to deep. Other view points think that the deep rough enabled the best golfer to be seperated from the field.

    Here is my question.

    Would Justin Rose have won regardless of the condition of the rough at Merion?

    He did everything very well.


    I guess we'll never know, my Magic 8-Ball is still not working. :-)


    Just impossible to say.

    The thing that struck me most is that on a lot of holes there didn't even appear to be a first cut, just fairway and then the deep stuff.

    I don't mind that they grow the rough but when they also narrow the fairways it certainly makes it tough.

    Personally I would also like to see larger areas of first cut or even a marginally higher second cut around the greens as some of the deep stuff a couple of steps from the green seems a bit unfair to me.

    But all in all that's the beauty of the tournament and in the end there haven't been too many duds that have won the US Open.

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    I think without the rough so thick we would have seen some longer hitters such as DJ and Bubba take a run at it along with a couple other guys like Rory who have been struggling a little with driving


    I think Phil's putting on sunday would disagree. He rolled 7 or 8 right by the cup. any two of those fall he wins outright. just one and we would have had a playoff.

    Hunter would also disagree, he was 2 or 3 loose shots from being in playoff position.

    I thought the rough was fine, some of the pin positions are never used by Merion itself. Zack was torn up for the usga  on that.

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    I would say no.  But my magic 8-ball is currently broken as well.  


    I think the rough at Merion was just right.  You're supposed to be a professional golfer at the top of your game.  If your'e not hitting the fairway regularly you should be penalized.  And they sure were!  None of this graduated stuff.  Hit it in the fairway or start hating life!