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Quail Hollow GCA

Quail Hollow GCA

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    Forget the greens that look to be just a shade better than oiled sand.  Is there anything of remarkable architectural merit that makes Quail Hollow worthy of the praise the tour guys heap on it?

    It appears to me to be quite uninspiring and rather penal.  In addition it looks to be tree choked with many instances of trees overhanging the first cut and even into the fairway. Plus there looks to be a general lack of width and strategery.

    Hate to be so down on the place but it just doesn't look fun to play and thus far hasn't created interesting golf.

    What do you all think?  Am I off base?


    maybe that's what the tour guys like.....it's different from the rest of the places they play.  i honestly don't know.  it seems most of the top guys play there, but i've never heard why.